Wednesday, August 11, 2010

hari sukan syaza

lawan time..sangat berhati2 anak mama ni.. dlm berhati2 tu pun boleh pulak salah bearing, masuk line org..hehe.. well done anyway!

amik hadiah time!!..syaza no 2..

selingan je ni. syaza pun takde dlm ni.. tp comei.. tang ni, mama nye kaki pun goyang2..haha


Emy Amir said...

well done Syaza!! seronok sebenarnyer kan tengok budak2 nih bersukan..macam2 ragam...hehehehe

m i t ch K a said...

Yeyy! Dah Kindergarden ker?
Waaaah.. best ni!

amin said...

kejor yop kejor...

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